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Start from the top and circle the tree. Add more strands if needed.

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Q: How do you put lights on a Christmas tree from bottom or top?
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Why you put star at the top of the Christmas tree?

because when Jesus was born he had a star on top of the stable and that's why we put a star on the top of a Christmas tree or an angel .

Which is the most popular thing to put on top of a Christmas tree-a star or an angel?

it has to be a star.

Where did the Christmas colors come from?

In the first place Santa Clause had a green suit, but "Coke" put Santa in a redsuit and now the Christmas colors are red and green.

How do you beat full moon the game?

you have to try to get the objects that the bunny is thinking of . If you want to beat level 1: you tap the bunny three times. level 2: tap the owl three times then wait a few seconds for it to close its eyes then press the pear. level 3: press the first three lights, then skip one, then press the last three lights, then press the apple. level 4: press the tree twice then right when it starts to fall press the acorn and it will fall, then when the acorn and leave hurdle towards the rock press it then the bunny will pick it up. level 5: put your mouse on the center of the balloon and you will start to fly keep it steady until the bunny grabs the object. level 6: pick up the big rock and put it on the highest piece of land. Then grab the little one then put it on the land the bunny is standing on and then wait for the bunny to pick it up. level 7: keep on turning the lights on and don't turn the red ones on. level 8: get the owls in the middle so you can't see them then press the tree anywhere. level 9: put the four owls on the left side then press on everyone of them but the one next to the lights that are not lit, then put all of them on the right side and press the two nearest to the tree on the right. level 10: pull the two clouds off the tree then quickly press the fruit. level 11: press the light bulbs with an owl eye on top of it. level 12: you have to get the large rabbit to the pear. level 13: try to turn on lights on by clicking in the first and last row lights 2, 5, 8, 11, 14, 17, and 19. If you make an error you can reset all the lights by clicking the owl. Enjoy the end!

Why was the laurel tree sacred to Apollo?

Daphne, who fled from Apollo, turned into a laurel tree, and Apollo made a wreath of the boughs to put upon his head.

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Why don't these Christmas lights have plugs on both ends?

You can put one end at the top and spin the lights around and around the tree until the tree is covered in lights. Then you plug in the end at the bottom!

You put these on your Christmas tree to make it glow?


How do you put Christmas lights on a Christmas tree in Club Penguin?

you click on the treehugye!

What do most europeans put as lights on their Christmas tree?


What do people put in their Christmas tree?

lights, ornaments, presents, partridges.

What is a chritmas tree?

A Christmas tree is a festive tree you can put up anywhere. You decorate it with tinsel lights and baubles. You can put anything you want on your Christmas tree. You can get fake ones or real ones. Christmas trees celebrate the festive season of Christmas. Hope this helped :)

Something you put on your christmas tree-?

i would think that it the star or the balls

What can we put on the Christmas tree?

Anything that is light in weight and does not pull the branches down too much can be used to decorate a Christmas tree. Popular decorations are lights, tinsel, ornaments (often round, but come in different shapes). decorations children make and "icicles."

What year where electric Christmas tree lights first used?

In 1882 Edward Johnson from New York City lit up a Christmas tree with electric Christmas lights for the first time.

What do you put on the tree before the lights?

Nothing goes on the tree before lights. The full order: Lights Ornaments wreath ropes, tinsel spray on snow And finally, if it's a live tree, put water in it's base and cover the base with a Christmas tree skirt.

How do you put lights on the Christmas tree costume in club penguin?

While wearing the costume wave and the lights should show up. : )

Can I put Christmas lights up in November?

Yes, you can. Some people put up their Christmas lights the day after Thanksgiving. Some do wait until closer to Christmas, though (just as most people put up their tree well before Christmas Eve, but some do wait until Christmas Eve).