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Admit your feeling to your girlfriend. Spend a lot of time with her. This isn't as simple as it may seem. Its hard for people, especially those who have been abused emotionly and or physically in past realationships to believe that someone truly loves them and cares for them. I don't have the exact answer to this although i am still searching for it. You need to be faithful to them and not expect them to trust you a lot in the beginning of a relationship. Time will tell or it won't...

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Q: How do you prove to your girlfriend that you truly love them?
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What is the best thing to tell to your girlfriend to prove that you truly love her?

Tell her that you want to father her children someday. They go crazy for bs like that.

How do you get a girl to understand that you truly love her?

you tell her and if she doesn't belive you prove it.

How do you stop your girlfriend from telling me that i dont love her?


How can you tell when a guy is in love?

if he is truly happy around his girlfriend and will do anything to be with her

What do I do if my best friend doesn't love me the same way I love him and he has a girlfriend?

If you truly love him you will want his full happiness. If he is meant to be with his girlfriend he should be with her, and if he is meant to be with you then be patient because love will find a way.

Are Romeo and Juliet are truly in love?

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How do you prove to your girlfriend you love her more?

Every thing she does that is good for u do it 2x better

What do you do wen you love your ex girlfriend but she dummped you?

Tell her how you truly feel... She may think that you do not care, when you do...

When a man says he cares for his ex girlfriend what does it mean?

Well, if that man truly cares about his current girlfriend, then he probably only means he cares for his ex girlfriend in a way friends would and not in the "I love her" or I'm in love with her" manner.

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