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Don't try to turn them like doorknobs.

Don't work them like bread dough.

Cup them and play with the nipples with thumb or index finger.

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Q: How do you play with breasts for the first time?
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How do you touch your girlfriends breasts?

First off, she has to be completely fine with you touching her boobs. You can either ask her directly or kiss her and get her in the mood, then slowly move your hand to her breasts. Gently cup her breasts with your hand and slowly play with her nipple.

When is the time to touch your girlfriends breasts?

After she has given you permission to touch them. Ask first. Be respectful of her and her body.

Do you start your period before you grow your breasts?

No you get breasts first

Do people like large breasts?

Some guys and girls do.

How do you play with your breasts?

Jiggle them and squeeze them together

I am a young girl breasts hurt why?

if you have entered puberty, your breasts will usually be sore from time to time

If you have twins can you breast feed them both at the same time by using both breasts?

It may be difficult at first, but yes.

How do you let a guy grab your breasts?

dont force him. make sure it is the right time. get the mood right first

How do you play the guitar for the first time?

you use a guitar and play it

How to make your nipples grow through puberty?

Play with you breasts. like rub them, pinch them, and grab them. it might hurt at first but it feels awesome.

How do you play with your breasts to make them bigger?

by fondling, touching and pulling. play with the boobs often

What if your mum has really small breasts but your sister had big breasts by the time she was 12 and you are 14 now and your breasts are still tiny is there any chance that they will grow?

It depends give them time