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leaf, towel, girl, fire, ice, vegetble. Hope this helps!

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Q: How do you play grow nano v3 in y8?
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What is better y8 or y3?

I am not sure, but I usually play games on y8.

Can a 3DS play y8?

No, it doesn't support flash.

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Is it possible to play y8 games on the dsi with the sd card?


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box head

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you can play on but you cant use the character you have

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well you could go on lots of sites such as: y8,andkon,y3 ,and new y8 games. hope u have fun with them :)

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what does y8 mean

What website lets you play mystery games?,, and maybe miniclips.

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It's difficult to provide an exact number, as the popularity of Y8 can vary over time. However, Y8 is a popular online gaming platform with millions of active users globally enjoying its wide range of games for free.

How do you make a animator vs animation?

Theres this game on or then you play it

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Yes you can download games from y8