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You don't really "play on Facebook"; you just associate a Facebook account with RuneScape. After that, if you are already logged in into Facebook, you can select RuneScape from there and don't need to login again.

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Q: How do you play RuneScape on Facebook?
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How many people are there on Facebook than RuneScape?

Facebook has several hundred-million users, as RuneScape only has a total amount of about 70million users.

Is Facebook popular tham RuneScape?

yes facebook is more popular than runescape.... its like an 11 million dollar site lol

How do you play RuneScape offline?

It's currently impossible to play RuneScape offline.

Is there a runescape 2?

There is currently a Runescape 2 and it is a popular MMORPG. You can play it at the website It is a F2P (Free to play) and P2P (Pay to play). There was originally Runescape 2, but they renamed runescape 1 "Runescape Classic" and named runescape 2 just "runescape". Runescape classic is runescape 1. Runescape is runescape 2, but they dont call it 2, well most people dont, they just call it runescape. Ricco119

Is there a game very similar to RuneScape?

If you like RuneScape, why not just play RuneScape?

Can you play RuneScape on a aser iconia?

I have an acer aspire and i can play runescape. 0.o

What are some fun websites for teens like MySpace and facebook?


How do you play RuneScape on the psp?

You can play RuneScape on any Web browser that supports Java. If you have such a browser on the PSP, you can use it and access the RuneScape website.

Of all the famous people which one of them play runescape?

Harry Potter used to play RuneScape.

Why do you have to be 13 to play RuneScape?

I think you need to be 13 to play Runescape because it has a bit of violence. ;)

Famous people play RuneScape?

There may be certain celebs out there that play Runescape, but names of which are confidential.

Can you volunteer to play RuneScape?

runescape is a massively multiplayer game. you don't volunteer to play runescape, if you want to play it you play it. the best part about runescape is that its free, so signing up is easy. just go to their website and click sign up.