How do you play 6 pencil game?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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Six Pencils is a game that can only be played by two people. You both hold three unsharpened pencils so they're making a square with a side missing. You put the ends together so they're making a rectangle. You ask yes or no questions, and the pencils move by themselves. If they go in, it means yes. If they go out, it means no. If it goes up or down, it means maybe depending on who you ask... Some people say up also means yes and down also means no. When they're pointing in and out at the same time, it means maybe, but if you try again you usually get a yes or no answer.

* Note: Sometimes you can go from answer to answer, but when I play I have to pull the pencils apart between questions or they don't move.

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Q: How do you play 6 pencil game?
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