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The truth of the matter is you don't female exotic piercings are to be left to trained and experienced professional body piercers, the chances of infection, and damage being done by a novice doing self piercing is way too high. Keep in mind the damage you will do will be permanent so why risk it?

Trying to find a piercer who actually knows what they are doing will be difficult, not a lot of professional body piercers have actually done clitoral piercing (piercing the clitoris vertically with a micro barbell is not for a inexperienced piercer and great irreparable damage can be done by inexperience.

Clitoral hood piercing ( horizontal or vertical ) is very common and generally the choice for most women. Not every woman has enough clitoral tissue to pierce in the first place, this is where and experienced piercer will be able to tell you if you are suited to having this piercing done ( you must have 3/8" or more tissue available in order to pierce it successfully )

This piercing should be done with a micro-barbell only, rings are only to be used after the piercing is healed. Healing time is fast however seasoning can take a little while and hypersensitivity can be an issue until the piercing is seasoned (usually 2 to 6 weeks post piercing).

These are only a few points to consider in regards to actual Clitoral piercing, a discussion with your Professional Body Piercer should be considered and all points of concern looked at before proceeding with any exotic piercing of this magnitude.

Wikianswers is not a venue to provide "how to" information that can lead to serious personal injury.

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Q: How do you pierce your own virgina?
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