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remind her of all your great qualities and the other guys' bad qualities

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Q: How do you persuade a girl to dump a guy and date you?
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What if a guy that wants to be a diaper girl?

Dump him and get a guy that is normal.

Can a girl be in love with and engaged to one guy and date another guy?

There is no limit to how many and how much you can love, but most people are jealous, so they want you all to themselves. They will probably dump you if they find out.

You are a friend of a girl that is dating a bad guy?

I would give her advice on to dump him and on how to dump him so he doesn't feel as hurt.

Would a Korean guy date a Hispanic girl?

Yes, but a hispanic girl would not date a Korean guy.

What do you do when you have a boyfriend but you kind of like another guy?

Same thing with a girlfriend you date the other persontill you find something wrong in him/her or you could just dump him/her and and wait a week then just ask the other guy or girl you like out.

Did justin beaiber dump his girlfriend for a guy?

No, Justin and Selena are still dating and Justin would never date a guy

What to do if a guy might still have a girl on the side?

dump him and find someone who will treat you right

What should you do if the girl you love is in love with another guy?

Dump the girl. If she is in love with another guy then she doesn't deserve you. Don't waste your time on some one who does not love you.

What do yu do if a guy is torn between you and another girl?

dump him why should he have to chose hes a player

Would a girl date a handicapped guy?

=I am a girl, so speaking for most girls I say "yes" a girl would date a handicapped guy! Definetly!! ~Courtney=

What if a guy kiss you but then a hour or so later he says he doesn't like you?

a guy that likes another girl and want to dump u

You love this girl and she loves you but she has a bf and is afraid to trust me what do i do?

you mean that she is already dating someone but she admits that she loves you but is afraid to trust you and dump the other guy? well then if the girl really loves you she would trust you. Tell her that. If she can't dump the guy then move on, she's not worth it. You don't want to cheat on another guy with his doesn't normally end well......