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i need to delete my account from chatango

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Q: How do you permanently block the account from chatango?
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Do the Jonas brothers have chatango's?

What is Chatango? -Amy!

What is a closed account permanently mean?

A account that has closed permanently is when a account has been closed forever basically.

How do you put a wix as your profile on chatango?

You can put a wix as your profile on Chatango by embedding it.

Why does the chatango profile 'Drug' have a pair of legs as the picture?

it's chatango what do you expect

How do you permanently delete a YouTube account with out getting on your account?

You are unable to permanently delete a accoount if u cannot logon on to your account !

How can you change your username in chatango?

Sadly, you can't. You can create another account though. Or buy the account that has the username you want, if the user hasn't been on for 100+ days you can buy it for about 20$.

Does Selena gomez has a chatango?

no. she don't not have one. don't try to make you like Selena Gomez in chatango.

How do you delete your Gmail account permanently?

You can delete your Gmail permanently. It cannot be brought back after it is deleted. It can be done in the Account tab.

How do you delete my timesjobs account permanently?

There really is no way to delete the account from TimesJobs permanently by ones own devices. The best way to inquire about deleting a TimesJobs account is to email them and ask to delete the account.

How do you hack an chatango account?

if you are a hacker of chatango. Plus, use a packet sniffer or Chatango hacks and spammers. My edit version~ Step One: Get the email of the person that you want to hack. Step Two: Since you do not know the password of the email, you must get past the security questions. Step Three: Once past the security questions and in the email, go to chatango. Go to "forgot your password?" Step Four: Type in the email of the person you want to hack. Step Five: Type in the temporary password that was sent to his email. Step Six: Change to new password and you are in.

How can I permanently delete a Hotmail account that has been hacked?

If you can access the account at all, you don't need to permanently delete it - just change the password.

Block your own account on Friendster?

yes I want to block my account