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all you have to do is do what the screen says. but, when it tells you to walk to the blue square just throw a snowball at it!

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Q: How do you pass the agent test in club penguin?
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In club penguin how to become a secret agent when your penguin is 100 days old?

Take the moderator test. Hope you pass!! :-D

When do you know when you have become an agent on Club Penguin?

You have past the Club Penguin Agency test

How do you be a sercret agent in club penguin?

do the test in epf

How do you become a swat in Club Penguin?

Do you mean a secret agent? If so all you have to be 30 days old and then pass the test they give you.

How to become an epf on club penguin?

first you have to get someone to send you a card that asks you to be an agent. Then try to pass the test. Good luck!

In club penguin how do you become an elite agent?

First you must get an invitation from a agent.Then go to the Everyday Phoning Facility and take the test.

In club penguin can you be an EPF if you aren't a member?

Yes. Get a friend who is an EPF agent and have them send you a recruiting email. If you pass the test, You become one.

What do you have to say to become a secret agent on club penguin?

you take a test

How do you take the test in club penguin again to be an agent?

you click on another penguin and report them, then you are loved by everyone and you become an agent instantly.

When are the new missions for club penguin coming out?

Well if your a secret agent YOU HAVE TO BE 30 DAYS OLD AND TAKE the test ever time you pass a miss on you get new ones this is advice from penguin Thebest118

What do you do in the telephone room in club penguin?

you can become an epf agent by taking the test

If your 11 can you be an agent on club penguin?

your actual age does not matter, but if your penguin is 30 days old or older, you can take the test to become an agent