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forget about it.... worry about yourself. make your life fun!!!!

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Q: How do you overcome your husband cheated and make the marriage still work?
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Do you still wonder why your husband cheated or had an affair?

Yes. You will always wonder. The level of trust in the marriage has been broken and no matter how long you are married you will still wonder.

If your are divorced due to ex husband cheating and overall unhappiness in the marriage but he wont give up on you still want reconciliation threatening suicide what do you do?

sit down and talk to him and see why he cheated. only if that was the first time he cheated but if not call police and tell them what is going on.

How do you get out of a marriage to a woman who is stil married to their first husband?

If she is still married to her 1st husband then her second marriage to you is illegal and you are NOT married.

Why is Tiger Woods out of marriage?

He cheated on his wife with at least 18 women, he is still married to Elin.

Is it possible to trust your husband again after he cheated on you?

* It depends on the individual man. If he has cheated more than once then he will cheat again. People are only human and some weaken and cheat, but learn that the grass on the other side of the fence isn't always greener. This is a signal to the man's wife that they have marriage problems and they should seek marriage counseling and learn good communication skills. If your husband cheated once then he's still worth a chance; if it's been more then kick this guy to the curb.

What to do when you are married and your husband cheated on you but you still love him but you dont know if you should leave or stay?

if you know he cheated on you, you should leave him because he doesn't love you

Why are you missing your cheating ex husband?

You are probably missing your cheating ex husband because even though he cheated on you, you may still love him.

How do you return to a healthy relationship after your husband had an affair?

When a husband has had an affair and returns to his marriage he has broken the bond of trust with his spouse and he has to earn that trust back. Seeing a Marriage Counselor is always helpful as well as trying to get away together even if it is just for a weekend so both spouses can reconnect and talk things out. It takes time and patience to learn to trust the spouse that cheated. If the husband has never cheated before and this is his first time then there is hope of the marriage mending, but if he has cheated more than once the wife may have to decide whether to stay in the marriage or not. If children are involved it is not always the best choice 'to stay together for the sake of the children' because the problem of the husband cheating is still there; the wife is suspicious and arguments may break out off and on. Children often feel they are the cause of the breakup.

What do you do when your husband cheated and still may be cheating?

No spouse should have to put up with their spouse cheating or continuing to cheat. You can sit down with your husband and tell him you refuse to put up with his cheating and if he continues then you will file for divorce. No man or woman in a marriage is to stay in a marriage where one is disloyal. You should have self confident enough to know what you want and do not want in your life.

What if your husband remarries and still married to me is does that make me devoiced?

His second marriage is not valid.

If my husband married another woman is their marriage legit?

Not if he is still legally married to you.

Can marriage therapy help a couple overcome infidelity?

Yes marriage therapy could help. It will still be tough, but marriage therapy could help the two of you to get over your issues.

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