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you cant... you have to wait until it wears off

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Q: How do you naturally get marijuana out of your system?
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Where does marijuana grow naturally?

Marijuana grows naturally grows just about everywhere. One of the most noted places where it grows naturally is California.

Does marijuana grow naturally in the US?


What is the quickest way to flush marijuana out of your system?

It all depending on your use and your metabolism, but it can take up to 6 weeks to completely clear out naturally.

Why is it so hard to quit smokin weed?

Marijuana stimulates the reward system in your brain, which releases the "feel good" chemical, dopamine. Having been rewarded repeated by the marijuana your body comes to expect it, making it depressing not to have dopamine in your system regularly. Exercise is a good way to get dopamine naturally.

How long will vinegar take to cleanse your system from marijuana?

vinegar does not cleanse your system of marijuana

Can you get THC in your system just by smelling a bag of marijuana?

No, you do not get THC in your system by smelling a bag of marijuana.

What drink gets marijuana out of your system the fastest?

marijuana juice

Does smoking marijuana change the amount of THC that the body naturally produces?


Who grows legal marijuana?

probably somewhere where it grows naturally or the government grows it.

What can i take to get marijuana out your system fast?

There is no way to get marijuana out of your system fast. It will leave your system in a few days, but you can't get rid of it when you want to.

Can lemon get marijuana out your system?


Can marijuana can get in your system from sperm?