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iPods don't have user accounts, so there's no real admin, just a single user (you) with universal permissions.

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Q: How do you make your user admin on your Ipod Touch?
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Can you sign in another user on your ipod touch?

No, you cannot sign in another user on your iPod Touch. The iPod Touch was specifically designed to be used by only one individual, and no more than one.

How do you get a user name on a iPod touch?

You dont.....

How do you get a password and user name for iPod touch?

The most you can do to lock the iPod Touch is by entering a 4-digit pin. You can do this through the Settings of your iPod.

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How do you use ipod touch 4th gen?

'Using' an iPod is a vague term. Refer to the user manual given with the iPod Touch to look up how to do what you want to do, because that generation of iPod can do more than just play music.

Does Debby Ryan have a iPod Touch?

Yes, you can find her on openfeint her user is Debby Ryan

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What is iPod Touch jailbreak?

The process used to open the software of an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to allow the user greater access to the device to install non-Apple-approved software.

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Accessories for a 4th Generation iPod Touch!?

Companies such as Belkin and Griffin are big names in the iPhone/iPod Touch accessory world. Among the two companies, they produce a lot of the accessories you will see on today's iPhone or iPod Touch. They make protective cases, stylish leather and rubber cases, as well as a variety of other things (such as car chargers, portable chargers, and even solar chargers) for the average iPod Touch and iPhone user in today's world!

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