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just rub and rub violently! Use your finger to rub and rub! rub and rub! do it, now!

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Q: How do you make your clit feel good?
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Why does the clit feel so good?

Because there's so many nerve endings! :)

How does it feel to rub your clit?


Does it feel good when your boyfriend has a vibrating tongue ring?

It feels good if he's eating you out cause it plays with the clit but it's wierd when you're just making out.

How do I give my self an organism?

Ok first you turn on the water in your bathtub let the water run on your clit then start to finger yourself at the same time it feel so good make sure no one hears you screaming

How do you make it feel like you're being eaten out?

Get a detachable shower head and put it on jet them place on ur clit and sit down . P.s turn on a fan so ur parents etc dOnt hear u moaning ..

How do you give a woman a good organism?

rub her clit in a circular motion use a motored toothbrush on her clit use those shower heads can come off the wall and change it to the hardest one and spray it on her clit.

What are some good techniques when eating a girl?

The best technique for eating a girl..Is to do it softly, lick the clit up and down very lighlty and also the labia area,and so on. Focus alot on the clit and you will defintely make a women have an amazing and explosive orgasm.

When was I want to Make You Feel Good created?

I Wanna Make You Feel Good was created in 1984.

How can you get a good feeling from your breasts?

rub up down plus touch your clit

Does it hurt when you get eaten out?

You can feel the wetness of your partners tongue on your clit. It is throbbing. Its feels so good, I could come so many times. It's different for everyone. Personally some find it disgusting, but others love it.

How do you please women in bed?

rub her clit proper hard and make her orgy.

How do you please a women in bed?

rub her clit proper hard and make her orgy.