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you can take naproxen . it really workss . . & alsoo drink sum hot water or milk when you taking it . watch how good you feel duringg your whole period you want feel not one cramp until the last day your period go up then u will concevee a lil pain .

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Q: How do you make period cramps to stop hurting?
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How can you get your stomach to stop hurting when you are on your period?

take pain killerUse a heating pad. My guess is you have cramps too. It will help those as well.

What stop period cramps?

An ungodly amount of cocaine.

What can you do to make your tummy stop herting?

If the hurting is due to menstrual cramps, every one is a little different. However, for my ex-wife, a heating pad on her tummy helped. I you, too!

Do period cramps increase with age?

The reason why your cramps get worse as you get older is most likely due to the shifting of hormone levels in the body. Not all women find that their menstrual cramps worsen with age and some forms of contraception can actually make cramps lessen or disappear.

When you on our period how to stop cramps?

A good calf massage will releave the discomfort.

How do you make your neck stop hurting?

See a doctor

How to make my mouth stop hurting?

It depends what you did before it started hurting there's medicine you can buy

Does walking or jogging stop your period from coming or will it make it shorter and lighter?

You will generally feel better, particularly if you are prone to cramps. Other than that, stopping or reducing the time of your period is not an effect of exercise.

Why does strawberry make my stomach stop hurting?

probably something that has to do with the vitiams and meniarls in it

Will yarrow stop your period?

Yarrow has been used to stop menstrual cramps and heavy bleeding. This is done with yarrow tea, tincture or Sitz baths.

Why is a chest film taken on inspiration?

T o make it stop hurting.

What cartoon had the saying when will the pain stop?

Closest I could find is this: Bill make(s) remarks like: When does the Hurting stop or Make the Hurting stop.The Terrible Thunderlizards