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put the box in the microwave for three minutes then let it dry completely. It will be crunchy and chuncky like it use to be in the 1970's

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Q: How do you make argo starch crunchy?
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Where can you buy crunchy argo cornstarch?

You can't buy it crunchy anymore, but to make it crunchy you have to heat the starch. The best way to heat it isin the microwave for 2-3 minutes. First step: pack the starch tightely in the box this can me done by hitting the bottom of the box on the table until its all packed down. Second step: take the white bag inside the box and fold it until its pressed firmly against the starch. Third step: close top flap and set the microwave for 3 mins and 30 secs then microwave. Fourth step: take out of microwave open the top flap and white bag sit in a dry place for cooling do not shake the box what so ever. Cooling usually takes 45 mins to 1 hr once cool the argo starch should be crunchy and ready for eating. Djd

Is argo starch a drug?

It is just as addictive as drugs. I have been eating Argo Starches for 26years... I find it impossible to stop. If you start eating Argo Starches you will become a starch addict.

Argo lundry starch is it the same as cornstarch?

no no no no no you can eat corn starch you cannot eat laundry starch

What is a beadlike starch?

Argo has a starch in a box that comes in chunky bead like shape.

Can you eat Argo starch?

Yes, a person can eat Argo cornstarch. However, this is usually a sign of a medical condition such as low iron.

Where can buy argo laundry starch?

kidron town and country store

Can corn starch powder cause cancer?

Consuming too much of anything (even water) can make you ill but Argo starch is one of the products least likely to cause cancer.

Can argo laundry starch cause cancer?

There is no evidence to suggest that using Argo laundry starch can cause cancer. It is important to follow manufacturer guidelines and use the product as directed to minimize any potential risks.

Why did they stop making block form of argo laundry starch?

Because people began eating it.

Where can you find Argo starch?

If you can't find it in your local supermarket, it is available from The WEBstaurant Store

If you swish Argo starch in your mouth will it harm your teeth?

es it really wears them down i eat nit daily and the starch seems to just corrode your teeth. The more you eat the more teeth you lose.

Is crunchy a noun?

The word crunchy is an adjective that describes a noun as crisp, brittle:Crunchy foods make a loud noise when you bite them.The noun form for the adjective crunchy is crunchiness.