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Do not do it,... unless you want to spend 10+ years in Federal prison and $10,000+ in fines.

A lot of people who "know what they're talking about" think a LL (lightning link) or DIAS (drop-in auto-sear) is an "add-on" charge. They couldn't be more wrong! The BATFE absolutely will charge you if you get caught with the thing. As a matter of fact, just owning one (especially if you own an AR15 with a large shelf receiver that can accept the LL) is enough to get you thrown into your new government-sponsored housing.

This may sound weird, but unregistered LL's and DIAS's alone (just the LL & paddle - no receiver) alone are considered "machine guns" by the BATFE now. Even the ones made before 1986 have to be registered.

Don't do it,... it's just not worth it. Buy one of the legal "full-auto" trigger-guard attachments like the Hell-Fire. They ... kinda work. Better yet, learn how to bump fire. It's legal (although it freaks out RO's), it's fun, it's wasteful, and there is no hardware involved.

Stay outa trouble, be careful, and don't "put yer eye out"! ;)


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Q: How do you make an ar15 autosear?
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