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U can only do that on iphone4s

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Q: How do you make an app that voice activates?
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Is there and app that makes your voice go high pitched?

The app called Voice Changer allows a person the ability to change the pitch of their voice. This app is available through the iTunes store.

What app on iPhone changes your voice then calls?

Funnycall app can do it

How do you make your voice like the adventure time baby song?

Try the I am T-Pain app. Or the I am T-Pain mic. Anything that autotunes your voice.

Is there any app on iOS which can allow me to hear my voice when I speak What's its name?

There is an app on iOS which allows you to hear your voice when you speak, and its name is Voice Dream.

Is there any app on iOS which allow me to hear my voice when I speak?

Yes. There is an app on iOS which can allow you to hear your voice when you speak.

Where is the voice recorder on android?

You have to buy an app to record voice memo's

Can you make an itouch an iPhone?

There are applications in the Apple App store such as Skype and Google Voice that will let you make calls, but you'll need a headset.

Can you voice record on an iPhone?

If you search in the Apple App store under voice changers there are voice changers apps if you wanted to make prank calls.

What does the voice dialer app offer?

The voice dialer app offers a useful alternative to those who are commonly on their phones in their vehicles, this app allows the user to say commands into the phone so they can call a contact.

How do you change your voice mail on Textfree With Voice VM?

You don't, but you must downlaod the free app on the Apple Itunes App Store, called Textfree With Voice + VM. Even then, you can't change the voicemail.

Is the scream Voice app only for iphones?


What website do you go to that will make your voice techno when you talk?

If you have itunes you can get apps that can techno your voice......e.g the glee app and many more.. Hope this helped. If it doesn't try a techno mic