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first off....if shes shy, she may not want to kiss anybody. but if you want her to kiss her, be a true friend but show some romance. she'll know you like her, and eventually she will like you too.

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15y ago
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It's important to remember that consent is key in any relationship. Instead of trying to make a shy girl kiss a boy, it's more productive to communicate openly and create a safe and comfortable environment where both individuals feel free to express their feelings naturally over time. Encourage open communication and respect the other person's boundaries.

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Kay, Im shy and a girl(:

So just look in her eyes and lean into it slowly and if she really likes you then she should kiss you. But if she is really shy she might back out or she doesn't like you. Unless your dating. Then she's just super shy.(:

Hope I helped!

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Q: How do you make a shy girl kiss a boy?
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Is the boy supossed to kiss first or the girl?

well usually the boy starts first, But if the boy is too shy, there is no harm in girl's initiation.

How can you get a kiss from a girl if you are shy and you have no relation with her?

kiss when she not looking

How can I kiss a boy?

don't be shy, be shine!

How do you know whether your pet cockiteil is a boy or a girl?

Well I have 2 and the boy is less shy and will make more noise. The girl will be shy around her friends at first but after a few weeks she will start to communicate with the boy.

What is the best way to get a reluctant girl to make out with you?

The girl is shy... make her feel more confident. Compliment he frequently and then kiss her softly on the lips, get her into it, make her want to make out with you.

Im a shy boy who has never kissed a girl any tips?

Learn to dance, that goes a long way. Also, feed them chocolate. That is scientifically proved to make them want to kiss you more.

How do you know if a shy girl wants to kiss you?

if ur dating kiss her on the cheek if she turns her head after words go for it p.s.doesnt work for bruenet

How can a girl make a good first move on a guy if both of you are dating?

Don't be shy! Tell him what you want to do, then kiss him!

When kissing a shy girl what do you do?

Take it slow, you don't want to scare her by being to aggressive. Make sure it's ok to kiss her, if she pulls away, don't force it. And make sure you know how to kiss so she won't be shy about kissing you anymore. :)

How you kiss a boy?

okay gurls it hard to kiss a boy for me! but i kinda little shy and!idk and ask somebody else to help you and tech you how okay?

Why doesn't my boy friend kiss at all?

It's because they are shy nervous

If a boy really likes you will he kiss your lips or your cheek?

Not neccesarily either. If he does kiss you at all it doesnt definitely mean he likes you, but if he doesnt kiss you it does not mean he doesnt like you. Some guys are just shy, and most of the shy guys will dump you if you pressure him. Every boy is different.