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I'm not sure how to make a quiz on face book so they told me to write a answer to I'm just going to tell you to search it on Google or ask a friend on face book.

when you take a quiz their are options on above the other quiz titles. -view more quizes, top rated, and create a quiz.- click create a quiz and it should take you from there

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Since September 2009, Sporcle has allowed all users to contribute 7 quizzes a month. Just create an account and click the "Create Game" link to get started.

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Q: How do you make a quiz on Facebook?
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How do you make quiz on Facebook book?

To create a quiz on Facebook, you can use the built-in quiz feature in Facebook Pages or use a third-party app like Typeform or Quiz Maker. Simply navigate to your Facebook Page, click on the "Create" button, and select the "Quiz" option. Follow the prompts to customize and publish your quiz for your followers.

Why can I not share your quizzes on Facebook?

You share a quiz if you want. Facebook is a platform for interactions. But you must have a good number of friends so they can contribute to the quiz.

Facebook movie quiz?

WikiAnswers is a question and answer website. You might find a quiz here.

Is quiz monster on Facebook free?

yes it is free..

What is better MySpace or Facebook?

facebookI truly recommend Facebook it is way more fun than Myspace! I have a Facebook and it is fun. I made a quiz on on which is better Myspace or Facebook and 20 people took the quiz an all 20 chose Facebook!

Does it cost money to make a quiz on Facebook?

basically i nvr met any quizzes that i needed to pay for to make but if u meet one im rong

How do you add Facebook credits on Facebook for free?

unfortunaltly u cant get free facebook credits without doing quiz's or videos

Who engaged in eastenders?

If you are doing the Facebook quiz, then the answer is Dawn and Gary.

How do you get coins easily on Facebook?

you can always take the friends quiz.

Where can you find a realistic sorting hat quiz?

facebook! =]

How do you get 100 percent on the how awesome are you quiz on facebook?

Just try to get a 100% on it.

How do you make a brain quiz on facebook?

Okay after you are done taking a quiz in the right hand corner than there will be make quiz and you hit it than after you are done making the quiz you will need a API and a secret code and it is hard to find I'm still trying to find it but if i find it i will write to you and tell you and that's all i know how to do so far so ttyl. Ill try to keep in contact with u as much as i can