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talk to her and try to become friends with her first. if she does not like like you at least you are still friends right?

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To get a popular girl to like you, be confident, genuine, and kind. Show interest in her and make an effort to get to know her. Being popular may give you opportunities to interact with her more, but ultimately, it's your genuine personality and how you treat her that will make the difference.

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Flirt with her, but not too much.

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Q: How do you make a popular girl like you and you are also popular?
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Why when you tell a friend that you like a girl he has to say that he liked her too and start a bunch of trouble?

Sometimes the guy actually does like the girl. Other times its to make their life more exciting or to improve their rep. Some guys think that if they seem like a player and all that it will make them cooler or more popular. Also some people like fights and trouble.

How do you make a boy not like the girl you like?

Type your answer here..make another cute girl like him then make the girl say i like you

Who is a popular girl?

The most popular girl is a girl is a girl who has a kind heart, not shy, loves to meet new people! Also loves to make people laugh! =)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the answer above can be the case. But I'm 13, and not exactly popular. In my school, to be popular you have to:go out getting drunk.being friends with the 'in' people.being cheeky to teachers and not doing homework.wear loads of make up and dyed hair.and etc.So that is a popular girl. In my eyes, the ones who aren't popular are the ones who take part in school activities, do homework and have good targets and achievements ahead of them.So yeah. They should be the popular ones.-Daisy.

How do you make a popular girl like theleast popular guy in school?

humor goes a long way. I'm not making any promises, but girls do love guys that can make her laugh. hope this helps :)

How do you get a girl to like you if your 13?

You must have courage. Tell him you like him. He will also make sure that you really love. You will love.

Why do some girls like to bleach their hair?

They want to attract boys as it will make them beautiful. It is good for them to stay beautiful as every human want that. Girl also want to attract boys as it makes them popular too.

How do you make friends with a girl that hates you?

What you can do is ask her why she hates you and change that. If it is because of your personality then just let her go and make other friends and just know that she should like you for whoever you are. If she is popular and doesn't like you just because she thinks you are ugly you also should make other friends because she is just being mean. Hope this was helpful !! :)

How do you get a popular girl to like you if she doesn't really know you?

First of all try talking to her and get her to notice you and do nice things for her and make yoursellf look nice!

How do you make a girl like you after you told her secrets to another girl and the girl you told the girl you like and now the girl you like hates you?

ha-ha! you said " How do you make a girl like you after you told her secrets to another girl and the girl you told the girl you like and now the girl you like hates you?" .... well i said that you need to just tell her that you have done wrong and you will make it up to her somehow. and if she doesn't except that then oh well ... dude just move on!

What does it mean if a girl like you but doesn't want nobody to no because she is popular?

She is embarrassed by you, or does not want people to be in her business, but if she is one of the most popular girls she could also like someone else and wants to make drama to make her seem cool it all depend on how old Elementary School is prob. Drama Middle School could be any of them High School is is prob. Embarrassed Hope I could Help!!!

How do you make a girl start talking to you?

Ok, im a girl and what makes me talk to a boy is when he talks about things that I like. You should also go to places where she is, but don't seem like a stalker.

If you like a girl but she likes some one more popular than you how do you get her to like you?

make her notice you be kind and help her out with things You go to that person and tell them how u feel about them. But you have to be yourself 100%.