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Go to Electronics then click metal

make a big circle then PAUSE

fill it with any of these radioactive chemicals





Then hollow out the middle and add a circle of thdr (explosives)

WAIT then it will explode

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Q: How do you make a nuclear bomb in powder toy?
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How do you make pressure on the powder toy?

there are a couple of things you can do to make pressure on powder toy you can make a bomb and blow it up if you have the newer versions (I have #1 and updated #2) in the special there should be wind, air, vent, vacuum and a couple of other things that can make and reduce air pressure. lastly if you have the newer versions if you go into the radioactive section there should be sing and warp they too can create air pressure. but the thing that is most fun is making a bomb and I'll fill you in with that too! to make a bomb increase your mouse (using the scroll wheel if you don't know how to) so that it just looks like a circle but not so it looks like a diamond and put thunder there after that put breakable clone around it again just increase the size of your scroll wheel an click then put plasma around that and around that put fuse and around that put rubidium and if you want put other explosive stuff around it.

How do you make the powder toy physics game full screen?

When you open it go to the very bottom of the window next to sign in is simulation options click that. next check off fullscreen

How do you make a self propelled toy car?

Use your hand to make la... so easy....

What energy changes take place with a clockwork toy?

when you wind up a clockwork toy, the spring inside of it twists and that called strain energy, then when you let go of the toy the spring unwinds and toy toy moves which is kinetic energy and it may also make a sound as well.

Why does a heavy toy car go faster than a lighter toy car and get acorss a jump?

A heavier toy car is better to go down a ramp and make a jump better than a light car because the heavier the toy car is, the faster gravity will force it to roll down the ramp, and with all its speed, be able to make the jump. Of course, you wouldn't want to make the toy car so heavy so that it barely or doesn't move at all. Just like drops of water when it's raining outside and a few drops hit your window. The heavier drops drip off faster than the smaller ones, and that goes the same with cars, too.