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I don't really understand the question. Why would you want to get a married man crazy about another woman? If you're trying to get a married man crazy about you, forget about it. It's rare that marriages succeed these days so if you're trying to split up a couple, then don't. It doesn't matter what you think of him, their love is more important. If you're married to a man and want him to be crazy about another woman, maybe you want him to cheat so you can have a reason to leave him? If that's the case, maybe you should look at yourself and seek councelling for your marriage. The third reason could be that you're married and want your husband and you to include another woman in intercourse. I don't think it will be that hard to convince him, but I'd not recommend it.

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Q: How do you make a married man crazy about another woman?
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What should a lesbian do to get over with her relationship with a married woman who lied and cheated on her for another lesbian?

She should make a promise to herself never to date another married woman. It's a matter of personal dignity.

Why did married woman decide to make love with another man?

Once again not all married women do sleep with another man. The only way that a married woman can have this path is when her husband is to busy to give her attention. Or she wasn't appreciated enough by her husband. Lots of reason but always has something to do with the husband..

How does a woman make love to another woman?

a woman can make love to another woman by having oral sex or by using their mouths and fingers.

How do you make a move on a married woman?

you don't.

My husband is married to another woman living in another state and I need proof. How can you find out if he is married to two people at same time?

If you know the county in which he married the other woman, you can look at the court records in that county for the recorded marriage license since it is a matter of public records. If you do find records showing that he married another woman, then just make a copy of it, which will be your proof. But you will then need to find out if he ever divorced the other woman before marrying you, unless you know he married you first. And if he did marry a second wife without divorcing the first wife, then the second wife is not legally married to him and has no spousal rights.

Why married men can easily fall in love with the other woman?

Married men could fall in love with another woman because that spark that you had with your woman is gone and as soon as another woman comes around with that spark you fall in love. ANSWER: Quite right but it all depends on individual. Not all married men can fall in love as soon as they meet the other woman. They have this tactics on how to pursue it. Married man needs to get to know who this other woman is first. He will find out if this other new woman has the quality that he likes. This new woman needs to show that they have a lot of things in common. How she can handle herself in front of him or to others. Her outlook in life, dreams and maybe ambition will be the same as his or different but will make the married man amazed. And there are some married man that also look for the religion back ground of this new woman he met. And if this other woman has this qualities, yes it will be in that direction of falling for her. Oops sorry I am describing the man that I married, when he met his mistress...Ditto!!

How do you make a married woman fall in love with you?

You can't make anyone do what they do not want to do. If you are searching to have an affair with a married woman then it means you are playing games; possibly cheating on your own mate (married or single) and do not care who you hurt in the process. If you have met a married woman and you love her then consider it 'forbidden fruit' (someone else's true love) and start looking for single women.

How do you make a woman jealous?

You can make a woman jealous by flirting and laughing with another girl. Trust me, they'll get really jealous!

Why are some married men don't know how to communicate to their wives but can easily to another woman?

the fear of not giving sex to him make him to avoid any communication on other hand they communicate well to please the other woman to favour sex for them.

What is the meaning of lezbian?

A Lesbian is a woman who can only make an emotional and physical attachment with another woman.

When sims are already married is there a cheat where you can make the married sim purpose to another sim in sims2?


How do you make your ex crazy bout you when she's with another guy?

Why would you try and make her jealous? She is in a new relationship trying to make the best of it.

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