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i don't know? u tell me i want to know it. maybe you have too :# maybe

Ok, I'm a diff person, the kiss face is :-* on ourworld, hope this helps!

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Q: How do you make a kiss face on ourworld?
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How do you make a kiss face on facbook?

This is how you make a kiss face: :-*

How do you make the big eye face on ourworld?

you do this to make big eye face 8-) tahdah it works

How do you makeout on ourworld?

You Cant Make Out on ourworld .

How do you get a smiley beside your name in ourworld?

If you mean the little pixel smiley face, then you must be a volunteer for Ourworld.

How do you make a kiss face on facebook?

Use this :*

How do you make a in-love face on Facebook?

Well, you can make a 'kiss' face by typing :* in Facebook chat.

How do you know a girl wants you to kiss her?

You and your girl will make eye contact and your girl will make a face and then you will know. If she doesn't make the face and you try to kiss her you can pretend like you lost your balence.

When do you make someone your boyfriend?

Walk right up and kiss them in the face.

How do boys try and kiss a girl?

First they will rub on you all softly and make you horny.Then he will move yall together and yall will look face in face then yall will kiss

How do you make a blowing kiss face on keyboard?

The blowing kiss is very easy to make on a keyboard with a computer or even a smartphone. The blowing is made like this {*<>*}.

How do you make a kiss face on our world?

:-* that looks like someone laughing, but its the closest thing

How do you do faces on ourworld?

:P = cheeky face XO= angry face :@ or :) = happy face :D or XD = very happy face :I or : |= normal face :*( or :'( = crying :(= sad face :_* = sobbing :S= grossed out :-* = kissy face