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You hit him in the balls :) Now seriously... pigs squeal... why would you want a man to "squeal"?

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โˆ™ 2009-08-07 22:22:20
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Q: How do you make a guy squeal in bed?
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What do in bed with your boyfriend?

You have sex or make out. If a guy wants to get in bed with you it means he wants t do it

Who was the first person to make a bed?

Not sure, but it certainly wasn't a guy.

What animal make squeal sound?

Pigs do.

What is meaning of squeal?

Its the sound some animals make

Why do horses squeal?

horses make noises to you know.

What sounds do pigs make?

They Oink ,Grunt,and Squeal

Would a girl or woman rather be with a hot guy who is average in bed or an average looking guy who is great in bed?

an aneravge guy was an AMAZGING in bed.. you can always wear a blindfold!

One of my two guinea pigs make a high pitched squeal that isn't a normal scared or angry squeal. I have never heard this squeal before she only just started to make it. What could it be?

These creatures are very vocal. They will squeal at all kinds of things. It will not be a bad thing if it squeals like this if you know there is nothing wrong with it.

How do you make a guinea pig squeal?

open the fridge when they are hungry or rustle a plastic bag. Also it will squeal when scared or wants attention. A guinea pig will "squeal" when it is hungry usually , or when it's happy , for me , as it says above, when I open my fridge door they will squeal because they are hungry , but also sometimes they will make sounds when you play and or pet them.

Will putting soap on fan belt make it squeal?


Why did the guy eat two dead skunks for breakfast?

Because live ones squeal when you stick the fork in.

Why do Hamster's Squeal?

They squeal when they are scared!

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