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what i find is a great tip,stroke her and lick her

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Well for simple sex, she either rides your penis, or she lays there while you thrust your penis into her, like a BOSS!

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Q: How do you make a girl happy during the sex?
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What should you do with girl during sex to make her really happy?

Pay attention to her needs before yours, this is the biggest mistake guys do!

How to make a man's completely happy in sex?

To make a man truly happy during sex, you must let him take control. He will only be happy unless he does what he wants.

How do you not make a girl pregnant?

Use protection during sex Condoms are the easiest, and safest.

What does a girl do to a guy during sex?

make love to kiss him give him a hickey

What do you do to make your hushband happy in sex?

i let him take control in sex and i dont moan during it . I also let him choose the position and llet him try to make me have a orgasm

How do you make up after an argument?

MAKE UP SEX!!!! or apologize for what yall have done, and take her out to dinner....tell her you were wrong. that makes a girl happy .

How do you excite the girl during sex?

Whoever asked this question is an idiot because if you don't know how to exicte a girl during sex then you are obviously mentaly kripled!

When you are staying with your cousin and she angry with you what can you to make her happy?

Do not have sex with her or touch her, if she is laughing you will know she is happy.

How can you make your girlfriend scream during sex?

When you get done pool it out and wipe it on her curtains she'll scream

What do you do with a girl's boobs during sex?

fiddle with them :L

How can you make your girl happy in sex?

Do everything she likes and do not force her into things she would not like. Things she would not like may be anal sex etc. What they dis-like could vary from person to person. Kiss and cuddle them to make her feel safe and liked. Sucking all over the body makes them happy too.

Does sex make people happy?

Perhaps in the short term.