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Purchase Crosman Pellgun Oil. (NOT Another kind) put a few drops of oil in your pellet tin. Do not flood the pellets. roll the pellets around in the oil. This will increase your power and speed.

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Q: How do you make a air pistol more powerful?
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Which is the most powerful pellet air pistol?

The most powerful air pistol would be a Air Force Talon-p 25 Caliber. This is a PCP class air pistol. The air tank uses 3000 PSI to fire the pistol.

What is more powerful lightning or air?

lightning is more powerful than air

Is lightning more powerful than air?

no it is not more powerful than air because air could scatter the electrons and protons so lightning disappears that's why air is more powerful.

How do you make the rws mod34 air rifle more powerful?

Not designed for this type of modificaiton.

What is the most powerful air pistol?

Do not expect any air pistol to come near advertised speeds. Evanix, FX air guns and others make super powered pcp airguns that can reach into the 600-700 fps area, where as other spring pistols like the browning 800 mag and Diana p5 and lp8 can get around 500 fps.

How do you make airgun more powerful?

Search the web for air gun repair or air gun tuning. There are several shops that tune or modify air guns.

How can you make a Nerf gun stronger?

If you mean more powerful then yes. You can modify the gun to shoot more powerful. you can do that by taking out the air restricters and putting in a stronger spring

What is the average FPS for an Air Pistol?

around 500fps sometimes more

What is an air pistol?

It will shoot pellets or bb's. They normally use an air cartridge.

What is more powerful than air?


Is it possible to make a manual air soft pistol into a semi-automatic?

No it is not possible

Why do you need two hands on an air pistol?

No it's not necessary, but any good instructor will tell you two hands make you more steady than one. A good pistol stance is to hold the pistol in one hand and place your other hand underneath your pistol hand to help steady it while shooting