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95 ml of ethyl alcohol to 5 ml of water

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Q: How do you make 95 percent ethanol?
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Why 95 percent ethanol is used in laboratory?

So as not to 'waste' too much ethanol. To use 95 % ethanol allows some ethanol to be saved!

How do you prepare 95 percent ethanol from absolute ethanol?

It is prepared by taking five volume of ethanol and dissolve in 100 ml of water .

How does one prepare 95 percent of ethanol from 100 percent?

Find the volume of the 100% ethanol Add 1/19 of water to the volume (if it is like 190ml, add 10ml of water since 190/200=95%)

How do you make 90 percent ethanol from 100 percent ethanol?

Add 10 parts water to 90 parts 100% ethanol.

How do you make decolorizer for gram stain?

It is an alchoholic compound i.e. 95% ethanol.

Difference between 99.9 percent ethanol and 95 percent ethanol?

One has 4.5 percent more alcohol which is important because you can get to a max of 95 percent using fractional distillation. To get the 99.9 percent or absolute alcohol, you need to use other more advanced methods. Some of these include include desiccation using adsorbents.

Why 70 percent percent ethanol used in labs?

70% is the most effective concentration to denature poteins so killing bacteria. At 95% the ethanol just evaporates and leaves the protein untouched. Below 70% does not denature proteins. It also makes the ethanol less flammable.

How many distilled water will be added to prepare 1000 ml 95 percent ethanol from 1000 ml 99 percent ethanol?

1. Extract 959,6 mL from the 99 % solution. 2. Add 40,4 mL water.

How much water is needed to make 70 percent alcohol from one gallon?

To prepare 100ml of 70% Ethanol, measure 70ml of 95% ethyl alcohol in a graduated cylinder and add 30ml of distilled water. To prepare 100ml of 70% Ethanol, measure 70ml of 95% ethyl alcohol in a graduated cylinder and add 30ml of distilled water.

Is 70 percent ethanol the same with 70 percent ethanol?

Absolutely, recent painstaking scientific research has showed that 70% ethanol is the same as 70% ethanol.

Why use the 70 percent ethanol?

to save the ethanol

What is the density of 95 ethanol?

According to the CRC Handbook, 70th edition, the density of 94% ethanol is 0.8070 g/ml and the density of 96% ethanol is 0.8013 g/ml. We can interpolate to find that the 95% ethanol should be 0.8042 g/ml.