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My name is Jessica,i am 12 years old.

And i weight 190 pounds.

I need to loose weight fast.

I wanna become a volley-ball player in 7th grade.

That gives me this summer,6th grade school year,&&6thgrade summer,to loose weight.

And Volley-Ball players wear short shorts.

And i have KINDA big thighs

I am 13 and i weigh 152. I wanna loose al LEAST more than ten pounds in 1 week. To be honest it is nearly imposible. So what i did was i started on Sunday. I only ate a small lunch on Sunday. That was all. the rest of the week, i watched what i ate and portioned it. then came next Sunday, and i lost 6.5 pounds. No its not 10 but you could easily see that it looked similar to a 10 pound let away. Watch what you eat, exercise, and watch how much you eat, and you will loose moe than 5 (possibly 10) in 1 hole week. 7 hole days.

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Q: How do you loose 10 pounds in 1 week?
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How do you loose 3 pounds in 1 week?

run fatty run!

How many pounds should you loose in a day?

1-2 pounds per week is realistic and sustainable

Is it normal to loose over 10 pounds in a week?

The healthy amount to lose in a week is 1-2 pounds. Anything more than that is either dangerous or water weight, and you will most likely gain it back.

How can you loose 5 pounds in 1 week?

The pounds that are lost to reach that is mostly water weight if I'm reading your question correctly.

Is it normal to lose 10 pounds in 1 week and then 0 the second week?

No, it's not. In fact, on average you should only lose about 2 pounds a week (healthily).

How can a 12 year old lose 10 pounds a week?

Not possible to do safely. 1-2 lbs a week is a realistic goal. 10 lbs a week is NOT.

Does the sacred heart diet work?

Sure it works I tried it for 7 days, I did not loose 10 pounds as the diet states that you would if you don't cheat, well I lost 7 pounds and no, I did not cheat. I'm good with the 7 because I know that's still a lot of weight for 1 week. I'm on week 2 day 3 ending and feel mighty good .Maybe I'll loose 10 this week I don't know but this I do know, I will loose.AnswerYes, it does work.

How to lose 10 pounds in 1 week?

I had lost 15 pounds in 1 and 1/2 weeks by following this diet solution.

How can a 10 year old lose 10 pounds in one week?

NOBODY of ANY age can lose more than 1-2lbs a week. Do not even try!

How too lose weight?

If you would like too loose weight you should exercise, eat right, and have good proteins. If you do this for 1 month you will loose 10 pounds.

Can you lose 7 pounds in 1 week?

Yes, my family and i were on weight watchers and they dropped up to 10 lbs a week. Yes, my family and i were on weight watchers and they dropped up to 10 lbs a week.

How do you lose 10 pounds in 1 week healthily?

There is no healthy way to 10 lbs. in a week. People if it is taking this long to come up with an answer, then let's just admit that it is impossible!!!!!

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