How do you log out of Tango on an iPhone?

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2014-05-05 05:19:10

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How do I sign out of tango

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2014-05-05 05:19:10
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2020-09-26 10:33:12
uninstall the app it will log you out
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2020-04-30 04:50:22

im trying to log out of tango

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Q: How do you log out of Tango on an iPhone?
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How do you log out of twitter on iPhone?

just press log out.

Can you log in on your geckotameside on your iPhone?

Yeah mahn

How do you log off kik messenger on the iPhone?

you don't

Who has facetime?

people who have the new itouch and the new iphone BUT theres this app called tango which allows you to use your old iphone cam for facetime

Can you use Tango video calling on a Verizon phone?

Tango runs on almost any Android 2.1 or higher Android phones, regardless of carrier. No Blackberry or Windows support, but should support the new iPhone on Verizon (In addition to the current iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and iPod 4/ipad).

I have an account on castle age for the iPhone and Im still logged in but I forgot my password so if I log out I cant get back in how do i find out my password?

There is no password for the iPhone app. That account is locked TO your iPhone/iDevice at this time. The logout option is there so you can log into a Facebook CA account if you have one. When you log back into the iPhone account, it will take you right in, no password required.

How do you check the call log in iPhone?

There are iPhone apps that can be used to access or even retrieve the detailed call logs.

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tango tango tango tango tango tango tango tango

How do you make your twitter private on iPhone?

You can't change your account to private on the iPhone app. You need to log in to the web version.

How do you log in to facebook using iphone 3g?

U could get an app for facebook

How do you log out on the new twitter app 4.0 on iPhone?

I have got the same question..

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Just use your iphone to log in groom my room

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