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See the link below for the owners manual.

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Q: How do you load bbs in a crosman 2100?
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How do you load bbs in Crosman 760 pumpmaster?

See the link below for the owners manual.

How do you load a Crosman 2100 air rifle?

See the link below for the Owners Manual.

How do you assembly crosman 2100 air rifle?

CROSMAN 2100 You can find CROSMAN Parts and manuals at ( see the link below) This should give you a diagram on how to dissamble a crosman 2100.

Are crosman bbs good?


Are crosman softair plastic bbs biodegradable?


Are Crosman bbs harmful to dogs?

Yes, if you shoot the dogs or let them eat the BBs.

Your 760 will shoot pellets but not bbs what are you doing wrong?

You are probably not loading it properly after you put the BBs n the reservoir. Crosman mad around different versions of the 760 but all of them load almost the same. I suggest you go o the Crosman home page and click on "Download a manual" and locate you owners manual and read the section on loading BBs Or see the link below.

Can you use pellets in a crosman c11?

No it is designed for BBs only.

How do you take apart a crosman 2100?

See the link below. This is for the 2100 not the 2100B or 2100W.

How do you load the Crosman R73?

in the scope its a slide on the top put the scope on the gun aligned with the hole in the gun and scope then pour bbs into the scope

What are the best airsoft bbs for the crosman stinger p9?

The stinger p9 is good with .12 gram airsoft BBs or you can use .25 gram bbs but then it will decrease the range.

Where is the serial number on a crosman 2100?

Look on the right side just below the words Crosman Classic.