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On the right hand side just above the trigger is the loading lever. Push it forward 180 degrees this will release the barrel latch. Tilt the barrels up to expose the chambers. If there are empty bullet casings in the barrels you can remove them by sliding the release located on the right hand side of the barrel in between the 2 barrels to the rear and pulling the spent cartridges out by hand. Place a 38 special cartridge in each of the barrels. (I do not know if the gun is designed to handle plus P ammo but I would not recommend using+P due to the excessive recoils and extra wear on this small gun, besides the 38 special is sufficient enough and much more powerful then the original 41 rim fire round the derringers originally fired.) Flip the barrels back down to close the chamber. Swing the loading latch down and back towards the butt 180 degrees to lock the barrels in place.

To fire release the safety by pushing the safety button (Located just below the hammer) in on the right side to release the safety (Pushing on the left side engages the safety). Pull back the hammer to the second or rearmost position. Pressing the trigger will now fire one of the barrels. By cocking the hammer again the gun will automatically switch to the second barrel. Warning recoil is strong but controllable if you grip the butt firmly.

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Q: How do you load Davis Industries D38 Derringer?
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