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He does not want to be around you that much and he goes out a lot to "get away."

he doesn't awnser your calls all the time usually have to call more than twice.

When he makes plans with you and then ditches them to get (away) with his friends

When i love you becomes ( me too). You will see the changes graudually they just keep getting worse till iether he wakes up or doesn't want to try for you anymore.

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Q: How do you know your boyfriend is getting tired of you when you live together?
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How do you know your boyfriend is getting tired of your relationship?

If your boyfriend starts spending more time with his friends, or seems less interested in doing things as a couple in general, he might be getting tired of the relationship. The only way to know for sure is to talk with him about how he's feeling.

How do you know when your boyfriend is getting tired of you?

A few clues are:If he's less enthusiastic about seeing you or doing things he normally loves to do with youIf he's excited and happy when you're not around but seems to lose that attitude when you are aroundIf he's anxious for you to not to be together so muchhe is possibly tired of you and the relationship.

Why does your ex boyfriend not worry about getting back together with you if he still loves and misses you?

Your ex boyfriend may not worry about getting back together with you if he still loves and misses you for many reasons. Maybe he is shy or does not think the feelings are mutual. He may have been pushed passed his limits or just does not know how to approach the situation.

How do you know when your boyfriend is getting to serious?

You know your your boyfriend should back off when he starts to get over-possessive or starts touching you wrong.

How do you know if a new boyfriend is mentally not right?

if he flips out at everything you do or he tries to make you do what they want not what you want. or if they jump in hoping to get married in a few months after getting together.

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When is the boyfriend responsible for a child that is not his if they live together?

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