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Well your breasts will grow for a while. When you gain weight, start Birth Control, or become pregnant your breasts will increase in size. But once you are pretty much done with puberty your breasts won't continue to grow on there own, buy only from another independent factor.

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โˆ™ 2008-09-30 21:30:06
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Q: How do you know when your breasts aren't going to grow any more?
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How fast can breasts grow?

i really dont know

How do you know when breasts start to grow?

Look down and poke.

Do your breasts only grow when your pregnant?

This all depends on your age. In women, breasts can grow until they are 18, sometimes older! If you are concerned you are pregnant, you will know because not only will your breasts get larger, but they will hurt tremendously!

How do you know when your breasts grow?

When your breasts grow, you will get a knot or lump in the middle of your nipple. If you hit it on a wall or desk, or anywhere really, it will hurt extremely. Even if they just hurt for no reason, they are growing.

How do you know if your breasts are finally going to grow?

For many girls, they get very sore and tender, and begin to show slight signs of swelling. After that, they may begin to grow and develop rapidly, or they may grow and develop slowly; it varies from one girl to another.

How big will breasts grow when you are 12?

you can never know to be honest you can be growing at all different speeds some people are fast and some people are slow so i don't think there is anyway of predicting how big there are going to grow

Does marijuana make your breasts bigger?

I don't know from experience but the doctor said it will make men grow breasts and produce milk. The condition is called gynecomastia.

How do you know if your going to start your period?

headaches or back ache or sometimes you get sore breasts

Does NASA know when the world is going to end?

yes, nasa knows but they arent telling! love nasa

Do jelly breasts make your breasts grow or do they just make your breasts look bigger?

I assume by "jelly boobs" you mean water bra's. LOL.No they do not "make your boobs grow" - They just make them look a little more full while you are wearing them. Haha.Sorry. :[ i know u want them to.

Herbal supplements work to grow breasts?

I'd sayy toothpaste i know its not a herbal supplement but it works with me! i was a 34b and about a month later i was a 36c!! :) if you want your breasts to grow, then everynight, massage your breasts and then jump up and down 20 times and then push your breasts up until it hurts Hehee sounds crazy but it worked with me :DD x

How do girls know they are going trough puberty?

They start to develop breasts and begin having periods.

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