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well if u can see u arnt wearing a bra when ur wearing a training bra and its very noticable ull need a padded bra and if u cant u need a training bra 7-however old will probably want a training bra

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Q: How do you know when you are ready to wear a bra?
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When will you start needing a bra?

There is no set age at which anyone starts needing to wear a bra. It's just when you are ready.

How do know you should wear a bra?

When you are wearing a plain white shirt, and your nipples or lumps show through. You don't have to wear one until you're ready. Heck you don't have to wear one your whole life if you want tO.

How do you tell your mom your ready for bras?

The easiest thing to do is just tell her. You can start by asking her when she first started to wear a bra, or let her know that you're uncomfortable sometimes.

Should I wear a bra with yoga tops?

your choice. if you do wear a bra, wear a sports bra

When should you start to wear a bra?

You should wear a bra when you think you're ready, not any specific time. When your chest starts to "bloom" is when you should definitely get fitted for one. Also when you can you can see through your shirt to your boobs

What do you do when you are ready for a training bra but your mom tells you you have to wear this wired cup size 32 A?

Tell you're mum that you would prefer to wear a training bra, as it is more comfortable for you. Tell her that the wired bra is uncomfortable and that you don't think you're ready for that yet. If you say it politely, I'm sure she will understand, after all she probably went through the same thing

What should you do with a bra im a boy?

If you are a boy who does not know what to do with a bra, you should give any bra you have back to its owner. If you are curious about bras, just know that they're something women wear to support their boobs.

Does Amy Rose wear a bra?

She has not been shown to wear a bra.

Should you wear no bra when you wear a short top?

Ideally if you have small breasts, which arent heavy and are perky which don't hang down, you shouldn't wear a bra you don't need one, the more you wear a bra the more chance you have of breast cancer. lose the bra Or in my opinion the best thing to do is wear a bra without the hangle. if you are wearing a short top there is many ways you could wear a bra without showing it on! go to a bra shop and buy the bra with the hangle because if you are not wearing a bra your breast will be hanging in there so wear bra to make it more sexy to impress:P

How do you know when to wear a bra?

If you turn to your side (looking in a mirror) and you see (spikes or a lump)

What happens if you wear an exercise bra instead of a cup bra while growing up?

nothing,if you feel comfortable then wear it but wear a bra so you can get used to it.

What if your ready for a bra?

Training bras were made just for this purpose, if you have not fully developed. If you are ready for a bra and are in a training bra discuss it with a trusted adult (i.e. your mom, even dad) and go shopping for a bra.