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  • The eyes tell it all. The way they stare at you when you pass by, the way they look at something as soon as you look at them and then how they stare out from the corner of their eyes just to see if you are still looking at them; it is a sure shot way of determining that person has a crush on you.
  • The way a girl or a guy is talking with friends but suddenly calms down when you pass by them is also an indication that the person has a soft corner for you. Also, mostly the friends will look at you and the person who has a crush on you and smile wickedly!
  • If a person has a crush on you, most likely he/she will not talk to you the way they do with others. With you, there will be a hint of hesitation a slight amount of shyness and the tone would be more subdued and soft.
  • A person who has a crush on you may not really pursue you forcefully or keep following you but will somehow make it to important events that you will be attending. Be it lunch at Starbucks or movies or aconcert or even just going to the library, that person will be there and may even pass an occasional shy smile at you.
  • If these points don't work, you might as well go upto that person if it is bothering you so much and ask if he/she has a crush on you. Don't really ask it point blank, try talking general stuff and casually just ask if that person likes someone. You may be in for a surprise!
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Q: How do you know when someones crushing on you?
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