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She'll most likey be really flirty

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Q: How do you know when an 11 year old girl likes you?
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If an 12 year old girl sees and 12 year old boy from school that she likes over summer vacation with his 12 year old friend who you think secretly likes the girl how do you know if he really likes her?

He tells her

Does a 14 year old guy have a chance with a 15 year old girl he really likes?

only if he is mature enough to let her know he likes her

How do you know if a girl likes you if you are a 14 year old boy and if a guy likes you if you are a 13 year old girl?

Well im a girl so would call him or tell him in person i like him..... and see what he says

How does a 13 year old know if the girl he likes likes him?

If you want to know anything about females just ask them or ask their friends.

How can you tell if a fourteen year old girl likes you?

ask her its the only sure way to know

What would a twelve year old boy do if he liked a twelve year old girl?

Tell her you like never know maybe she likes you too. =)

How does a 10 year old boy know when a 10 year old girl likes him?

It depends on her personality. She may throw stuff at you teasingly or be super nice to you.

How do you kiss a 11 year old girl?

It depends if she likes you and how old you are

If A a 12 year old boy hits a girl does that mean he likes her?

It is highly unlikely. If a 12 year old boy likes a girl he normally has the common sense to be kind to her and see if she likes him back.

How do you know if a 13 year old guy really likes you?

you know that a 13 year old boy lieks yo uis by him always bugging you and if he touchs you really weirdly like near your ya know its by your thigh, just give up on him if he does that, if he akways stares at you he likes you good luck girl! -GIRL POWER

How would an 11-year-old girl know if an 11-year-old boy likes her?

Ask him. It might seem odd, but do it. Or, have a friend (that is friends with both you and him) ask him.

I am a14 year old boy who really likes a 16 year old girl but dont know how to ask her out?

ok you say. sexual woman will you please go out with me?