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Unless you know the person well enough to tell, there's no better way than to ask.

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Q: How do you know that the feeling is mutual?
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What do you do if you fancy your ex?

talk to them, if the feeling is mutual, have at it.

What are the release dates for The Frank Sinatra Show - 1957 The Feeling Is Mutual?

The Frank Sinatra Show - 1957 The Feeling Is Mutual was released on: USA: 27 December 1957

What are good comebacks to i hate you?

Don't worry, the feeling is mutual!

If a men loves a girl why she trying to reject him?

The feeling may not be mutual.

Does Jesse McCartney like belly button piercings?

the feeling is mutual .

Symbiosis in which both species benefit is?

Mutualism. It is when both species benefit from each other. you know how people in movies are like "I hate you" then the other person says "the feeling is mutual" Mutual means it is the same way. So that is how I like to remember it. Mutual means BOTH have the same feeling. So mutualism means they BOTH benefit from each other

What does it mean when he say the feeling are mutual?

If you say to someone "The feeling is mutual" you are telling that person that you agree with them - your opinions, thoughts, feelings mirror theirs. It means: "I feel the same way about sucking your nob"

What to do when you love someone else and the feeling is mutual?

Trust your gut and just go for it

How do you write a sentence using the word mutual?

My friend and I both agreed that going to a party tonight would be a lot of fun, so the feeling was mutual.

Is Washington Mutual the same company as Washington Mutual?

"Washinton Mutual is not the same company as Washington Mutual. Washington Mutual is a banking company and Washinton Mutual is retail selling brand, dire stuff to know."

What does i love you.... as a friend really mean?

It means that they mean a lot to you, and if they say it back, then the feeling is mutual.

How did sakura and Sasuke fall in love?

They didn't. Sakura likes Sasuke, but the feeling isn't mutual.