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because it cannot be fertilizer be the girl ova

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2011-12-31 07:18:53
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2021-02-13 15:50:47

Only sperm passing thru the vagina can make a woman pregnant.

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Q: How do you know sperm wont get you pregnant if you swallow it?
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What happins if you let sperm come inside of you 2 times?

well you might be pregnant, if your lucky you wont be pregnant.

How did Rapunzel get pregnant?

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If you wear a condum can you still get pregnant?

yes you can because if the condum slips or brakes then it will allow the sperm and the semen enter the female vagina and get her pregnant if it hits the egg but if your careful and the condum doesnt brake or slip then you wont be able to get pregnant because the male condum blocks the sperm and the semen and it wont be able to enter the body

How do men know that women is pregnant?

She wont get her period and she will tell you.

What to do if you can not swallow?

Seek medical attention ASAP or sometimes you wont be able to swallow every time you try (ex. swallow and then try again, you probably wont be able to)

Does drugs effect sperm production?

if your realy own drugs you wont know or care

Can you get pregnant r know if your pregnant when the boy first coms in you?

Yes of course unprotected sex can get you pregnant and no, you wont know until 2 weeks after sex when you can take the test if you are pregnant or not.

What happens if sperm appears in boys pennies?

Nothing happens, you wont notice any difference but you can then make a girl pregnant if you have sex.

Your fiance cheated on you while you were pregnant how do you know he wont do it again?

By dumping that ***hole.

Can you swallow too much sperm?

Not sure what you mean by too much. Men don't produce that much, it s about a teaspoon or two per ejaculation. It wont do anything to you as long as he has no diseases.

Can you fly 8 months pregnant?

no. i dont know exactly why but they wont let you fly..

Why won't your boyfriend kiss you after you give him head?

most men (mainly straight men) don't like the idea of sperm epically their own and even if you don't swallow after blowing them they mostly wont want to kiss you because of the sperm having been in your mouth.

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