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normally he would look at you a lot or if your hanging out with him he would stand next to you or get as close as possible cause he thinks you dont know that he likes you. im a boy and i have a girlfriend but i still play around and if he is he would be eihter putting his elbo on your shoulder or trying to anoy you.

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Q: How do you know if this boy likes you or if he's playing around?
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When do you know that a boy likes you?

you know if a boy likes if he gets nervous when he is around you, stumbles alot when he sees you, and he is always finding an excuse to talk to you.

How you do know if a boy likes you?

The boy will sometimes be nasty to you but sometimes he kind of hangs around with you.

How can a boy know that a girl likes him?


How do you know when a shy boy likes you?

They're not as shy around you as they are around other people.

How do you know if the boy really loves you?

how you will know if a boy really likes you he will act all shy around you and he will blush sometimes. and when you talk to him he will not know what to say.! fingers crossed that he likes you honey!

How do you know if a boy actually likes you for YOU and they aren't playing you?

you just have to figure out if it is a guy you can trust and just trust him

How do you know if your best friend that is a boy likes you?

If he acts different around you then the way he did before

How do you know if a boy at the age of 21 likes you?

it all depends on how old you are and how he acts around you

If your really shy around the boy you like how are you suppose to know if he likes you or is flirting with you?

if he is flerting with you then he will act shy around you.

If a boy tells you that your cute does that mean that he likes you?

i think that when a Boy tells you your cute it could probably mean he likes you or he just thinks your cute or he is just playing around but you can never give up hope :)

How do you know if a 6th grader boy likes you and why?

if he is shy or rude around u then u will kno

What if a boy acts funny around a lot of people how do you know if he likes you?

By simply asking him if he does or don't