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Q: How do you know if the guy likes you but doesn't talk to you?
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You like this guy and your not sure if this guy likes you or even knows you what should you do?

go up and talk to him. If he doesnt know you exist show him you do. be his friend and be there for him.

How do you know a guy likes you when he is very flirty with all girls?

well he probably doesnt like you if he flirts with other girls. talk to him(:

What if a guy likes you but he doesn't talk to you or does not make any jokes?

If a guy doesn't talk to you or make jokes or whatever, then how do you know he likes you?

If you tella guy you think their cute will he ever ask you out?

if he likes you. if he doesnt like you...then no. youll know if you just talk to him more dont even sweat it

How do you know if a guy likes you or if he doesn't care a bit about you?

If a guy likes you he will flirt with you but if he doesnt like you then he would act like he hates you.

How can you tell if a guy likes you if you haven't talked and what would the signs be?

well you cant tell since you dont talk to him but if he looks at you or tries to talk to you then you have something to go on but if he doesnt do anything to talk to you or something then yea he doesnt like you....but if you really like him you will try to talk to him so at least he can get to know you

If you know the guy that you like likes you back how do you get him to make the first move?

if he doesnt do it you do it.

How do you know if you hurt the feelings of the guy who likes you?

He will not talk to you and avoid you.

This guy doesnt talk to you but he talk to everyone else does that means he likes you?

He probably likes you but is too embarrassed to say it. The other possible is that he hates you for some reason. But that is unlikely. If you like him then try to talk to him.

How do you know if a boy you likes you or your best friend?

Woman's intuition. Actually, talk to the guy or have your friend guy talk to him for you.

How do you get a guy who you don't know who likes you back?

what I do is just kind of talk about what he likes or just be funny because a guy likes a sense of humor.

How do you know if a guy likes you even if he sometimes doesn't show it?

If the guy almost always wants to talk to you or be with you, he probably likes you.