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If you like her then just ask her out. That's how most relationships start out. The worst thing that can happen is she will refuse and that's not the end of the world. Never go up and ask her out in front of her friends. If you see her walking somewhere call out her name, walk slowly towards her and introduce yourself (with a little twinkle in your eyes) and ask her on a date. Nothing too heavy. Perhaps dinner, go to the local fun bar if there is one you all hang out at or sometimes, she may want to just go to a movie or a walk. Take it slow and never be afraid to ask a girl out. If you don't you will always wonder what could have been.

Good luck! Marcy

If you want a good answer, always get if from a girl you know, like your mom or sister, or maybe a friend. But since you've asked, here's what I have to say:

Girls don't like it when guys are shy and quiet. If you want this girl to like you, compliment her. If she blushes, that's a good sign. Go ahead and tell her she's hot, unless you know she's not quite the flattered type. Smile at her. Always smell good, but don't over due the chlone. Also, girls often look for guys with good looking hair. Shaggy, straight hair is often attractive, but don't let it grow past just below your eyebrows. Keep it clean too. You can also keep it short and spike it.

Seriously, just ask her out, but not randomly. Also, if she drops her pencil, pick it up for her, but don't haste in the act. She might have even dropped it on purpose because she likes you, too.

Here's a few more tips: Keep breath smelling fresh, don't act immature or impolite, if you're going to tease her, don't insult her. Her feelings will probably be a little hurt and she won't really want to be around you in thought that you'll do it again.

Become her friend.

If you need to know more, then you can always nicely ask your mom, aunt, sister, about what girls like in boys, or you could ask a male family member who is very experienced and successful in knowing about women.

Good luck!


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Q: How do you know if the girl you've never talked to before likes you and how do you talk to her and get to know her?
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