How do you know if someone is bi curious?

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it's hard to tell when you're figuring it out about someone else but if it's about your self well you will know what you like it's either full gay bi or straight no bi curious that's bull lol

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Q: How do you know if someone is bi curious?
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How do you know if you are bi-curious?

If you do not define yourself as a bisexual but are curious about a relationship or sexual activity with someone of the same sex, then you are bi-curious.

What if you think your bi?

then find someone who will let you experiment with them of the same sex and see if you like it but let them know that it you are only bi-curious and they should be openly gay or bi

How do i know I am Bi Curious?

when you like both girls and guys

What is bi-curios?

Bi-curious is when you feel attracted to someone of the same sex but you're attracted to people of the opposite sex too

What does bi-curious mean?

Bi-curious means that although someone doesn't identify as being bisexual or homosexual, they feel some curiosity or desire regarding a relationship or sexual contact with a member of the same sex.

How do you know if your bi-curious?

if you look at other men and their dick and laugh and giggle

What is the main difference between Bi-curious and Bisexual?

Bi-sexuals have come to an understanding about their sexuality, and bi-curious are trying to figure it out.

Is there a way to tell if a woman is bi curious?

The best way to tell if a woman is bi-curious is to ask her.

Does it mean somebody is bi if they ask if you are?

Just because someone asks you if you're bi, it doesn't mean they are bi. It's possible, but they could just be curious or super nosy.

Is payton blanchette gay?

Maybe bi-curious or bi?

What is the meaning of bi-curious?

Bi-curious is when you do not know if you are straight or lesbian/gay or just plain bisexual. It's the experimental kind of stage. Myself I went through it and I am bisexual. You can decide by yourself what you become.

Is quagmire bi-curious?


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