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You'll never know unless he tells you. But don't ask him that would be weird. If he likes you he will look at you a lot, always be around you, and flirt a lot. Some guys are mean to you when they like you. Good luck finding out.

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Q: How do you know if a boy loves u?
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How do you know when a teen boy loves you?

Wen he looks at u more then 3 times a day

How should you know if he loves you?

If he loves u he will play with ur hair stair at u get into conversations and do this little trick it works say that u have a secret and that ur ganna tell him but then u don't that will make him unpaitient and he will tell YOU THAT HE WILL NOT LEVE U ALONE so that means he loves u I know cuz this boy (paul) likes me but he has no idea that I no

What do you do when you mess up with a boy that loves you and a boy you love?

oh u sound like a problem i had. give him some time u know invite him over to talk and explain

How do you know if a online boy loves you?

ask him questions than if he has a girl than ask him out ps make sure u really know him

How do you understand that the boy loves me?

if he sees u often

How to know that the boy loves you or not?

well... some boys wont tell u they love u but they probily do and other boys might say i love u . To know if a boy loves u can say i love you and maybe he will say it back or if he treats u well and stuff. He will also buy stuff for you wen you don't wont him to. He will try not to do any thing to hurt you or upset you. He will do his best to get alone with your family and friends. That is all we have and know. We are sorry if that don't help

I love a boy who is so good to me and spends hours on the Internet with me but I haven't told him I love him and I want to know if he loves me. What should I do?

Hey Gurl!!! do you actually know the boy??? if you do then tell him exactly how u feel

How can you know that the boy loves you?

he smiles at you, copies you

How do you no if your boy friend loves you?

ask him do u love me or say ''i love you''

If a girl tell you that she love you does that mean she like you?

If she sounds serious then yes and if she is laughing cuz you did her a favor or something and goes "oh I love you" she is just playing around. I am pretty young, UNDER 13, just so you know, and I think that "the girl" does like you if she says she loves you. This is a girl's point of view. I don't know about a boy's point of view though. If you are a boy, ask one of your friends that's a boy. if she says she love u then obviously u like someone then u fall in love with him or her and if a girl says she loves u then she is deeply in love with u 'cause gurls never say i love u to a boy until he propose or bla bla bla ... when a gurl tell a boy that she loves him means she is dying for him

Ok you love this boy but his girlfriends knows what to do know she hates you?

jus ignore her and make both of them jealous but not in a bi**hy way u knowbut u have to make sure that the guy loves u

You loves a girl who loves other boy what should you do?

You shuld dump them and then ask da boi out who u like!