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Because some guys are shy to see the eyes of the girls its not that there not interested there see u when ur in a distance. when u see him he may pretend that he is not seeing.

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Q: How do you know he still loves you if he moved away and is too shy to keep in touch?
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The question is, if you know he's N - why are you still with him??? Ns have bizarre sexual fetishes. Get away!

Her dad moved to a different country about 2 years ago but says he still loves her?

Well, if this is about a parent's divorce, and the daughter is living with her mom, then she should believe in her dad when he moves away but says that he still loves her. This isn't a problem about her, then. They still love their daughter very much, but they don't love each other anymore. When her dad moves away, it is becaue of the mother, not the daughter.

What do you do if you like someone who liked you but moved away?

Try to stay in touch with them via phone or computer.

How do you know if he still likes you even if you moved away?

you text him with a flirty message and ask him out

What do you do if you truly love your best guy friend but he still only loves his ex?

Don't be foolish. Walk away.

If a guy loves a girl and she loves him but he messes up relationship twice big time it has been two years he still loves her but she moved away and wont talk to him how to get her back?

be sweet and move to where she is leave her a message and explain how you feel. she might not feel the same way but try... talk to her about and ask to be friends. then move in closer... try again. No you should tell here how u feel with candy and flowers, then move to where she lives.:)

What does a girl want when she doesn't want to be in a relationship but still loves you?

She wants you to go away, but is too polite to say so.

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What should you do if you are not allowed to see or get in touch with your boyfriend but you love him and he loves you and have no mobile to contact him because your parents took it away?

you should sneak out secretly to meet him in the middle of the night!

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What does it mean when a guy strokes your hand then you look up and see him staring at you then you look away and he is still staring at you?

He loves you & always will no matter what

What do you do if you lost your BFF because you moved away?

Make new friends, but keep in touch by mail or email with your old friends. In fact, this is good advice ALL the time.