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As this someone will always like to call you and talk with you. The body language and the eyes can tell everything that someone loves you.

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Q: How do you know for sure if someone really loves you?
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I am engaged with a girl and she send message to my friends that she love me but iam not sure about it any tps to know that she loves me or not?

You really can't base whether or not someone loves you just by them saying it. She has to be able to show you. If she is respectful of your feelings, supportive, and able to communicate with you how she feels then she loves you.

How do you know for sure if he loves you?

To know for sure if your boyfriend really loves you. Give it time and don't constantly ask him. Other ways would be, he buys gifts for you. Or he'll take you out somewhere. Or that he tells you constantly.

How do you know a boy really loves you?

If he is still with you in 40 years then you can know for sure it is love.Until then you'll just have to have a little faith in him.

You want to marry a girl and love her but you are confused that she loves you or not?

You MUST be sure that she really loves you before you ask her to marry you. Not only her words but her actions must show that she loves you. She must know that you love her. If she is not sure of how you feel, she may be holding back.

How do you know if a online boy loves you?

ask him questions than if he has a girl than ask him out ps make sure u really know him

What if you love a boy but you dont know if he loves you?

If you are good friends and personally know him then..... You be a woman and ask him if he loves you! If he doesn't then move on...or he will eventually come to his senses and realize that he loves you too. P.S. Before you ask him, tell him that he is really important to you and make sure your relationship won't change if he doesn't love you. I made the mistake of telling someone I love them and I lost them. P.P.S Make sure you actually have a real relationship with him first....That your not just his fake BFF!

How do you ask a girl I dont really know out?

you don't. you get to know her first, then make sure she is really someone you are interested in, then ask her out if she is. good luck with that =)

How do you know if someone is really into you?

they are into you if they stare at you and hang out with you........ just make sure you not mad or bad

What does Vaccinatione mean?

I dont really know but im sure someone else can figure it out

He loves me he loves me not I am going crazy because I don't know for sure?

Ask him!

You want a relationship with your boyfriend you just am not sure if you love him anymore?

just love him back .He for sure loves you.

What if I really love this girl But i don't think she loves me?

Tell her how you feel and ask her if she feels the same. You need to know for sure before you can do anything.