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you wait till a nice moment, and just as hes about to lean in, kiss him powerfully, maybe under the moonlit sky

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Q: How do you kiss your boyfriend with a kiss that he will never forget?
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How do you kiss a girl in a way she will never forget?

Tounge kiss or French kiss. She will never forget.

Am not sure my boyfriend loves me as much has he use to is there anything I can do?

yes, give him a kiss that he will never forget. that is what i will do. if you give him a great kiss, he will want you to start kissing him more often.

Who sings better aerosmith or kiss?

Aerosmith...never forget it!!!

Is it true that you can't never forget your first kiss?


How do you get your boyfriend to think about you all the time?

Do something he will never forget.

Who to kiss first?

not you because you will never get a boyfriend or girlfriend if you are asking wiki about this!

Is it wrong to kiss your boyfriend 5 days after you got together and your both 12?

No, it is not wrong to kiss him. It is never wrong to kiss a guy.

How do you kiss your boyfriend if you've never had your first kiss fi?

dnt just get up the courage and kiss him i did now we kiss all the time Mua!

How do you kiss a kiss that your girlfriend will never forget?

Touch her on her face when you go to kiss her. Run your fingers lightly across her cheek then gently take her chin and draw her near you for the kiss. Look at her directly in her eyes as your are doing this, then of course close your eyes when you kiss her. And, one she'll never forget is one that comes straight from the heart. Kiss her with all of the love you feel for her in your heart.

Your boyfriend won't kiss you unless you start to kiss him first?

the go ahead and give him a smooch! but only if you really want to... its really cool to kiss your boyfriend when you never kissed anyone before love sommer ard

What is the right time to have a boyfriend?

If you feel you are ready to have a boyfriend than your probably right. But never forget not all realtionships are forever

What do do if your boyfriend never kiss you first of hug you?

i dont really understand the question. explain?