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You do it with speed and joy so that she feels you love what you are doing.

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2013-01-19 05:44:39
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Q: How do you kiss a girl's buttocks and breasts?
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How do you kiss a girls boob?

There is no set technique to this. Start by kissing on the mouth and then move to feeling her breasts with your hands. Then kiss her breasts through her clothes. Then gently remove some clothing and gently lick and kiss her breasts.

How shold you kiss a girls breasts?

suck on it and love it alot. do it to your girlfriend she will love it

Are Nicki Minaj's breasts and buttocks natural?


Why do women like their breasts and buttocks in public?

Well, since our breasts and buttocks are part of our bodies, we have no choice about whether they go with us in public places.

How do you french kiss and touch a girls breasts?

well you start by taking off her clothes(bra) and kiss while using your hand (hands) to rub her breast

How do you kiss your partner's breasts?

Just kiss it

Why do guys like to suck on women's breasts?

Sometimes just because they find the breasts to be beautiful, and want to kiss and taste them, as others prefer to attend to the buttocks or the feet. (Also many women demand that you should suck their breasts.) Or sometimes because they have a psychological need to return to the breast, as in babyhood.

What kind of things do guys like about girls?

Guys like girl's looks, breasts, a full buttocks, independence, confidence, someone who takes care of herself, etc.

Do girls like their breasts kissed?

Nope they like there boobs squeezed and crap only kiss boobs when having sex

Can girls have man breasts?

Girls may have small breasts but they are still girl breasts.

How can you say kiss my buttocks in Spanish?

besa mi culo

Can a husband kiss his wife buttocks in Islam?

Yes. No harm.

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