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First find out why she won't go forward.

Then take a few days and come up with a convincing argument for why you should.

And if she absolutely won't then tell her that the idea of cheating has crossed your mind if she is unwilling to go any further than what you have already done.

Of course if she has a better or bigger reason not to go farther then forget that last one but the reason would have to be pretty big and she might be saving the stuff your talking about doing until she becomes someones wife.


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If in your mind the relationship is more than just a casual thing, you should consider being patient, give her time, and let it happen when it will. It certainly could be the basis for a serious conversation with her. But I think it would be a huge mistake to give her an ultimatum. Little good, if anything, will come from that.

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Q: How do you keep from cheating on your girlfriend when she won't go any farther sexually?
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