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Well if he is shy, maybe you can go talk to him, I think for a shy guy you can do almost anything to impress him, but just be yourself. You want him to like you for who you are right?

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Q: How do you impress a shyful guy in school?
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How do you impress guys in school while wearing a school uniform and no makeup?

Well it is a bit hard to impress a guy with looks when your school uniform is on. But you should do your hair differnt, make it pretty. he will notice

What should a girl do to impress a guy?

You shouldn't try to impress anyone. A guy should accept you as you are.

How do you impress a girl whom you love at the school?

There is one thing a gurl hates the most and thinks is annoying is when a guy tries to impress you!!! Don't try to impress a gurl, it's rather annoying! if you want a gurl to like you, then say hi to her be friends with her, but do NOT try to impress her! ok?

How do you make a guy go out with you?

impress him =)

How can i impress a guy i like and he knows that and thinks im cute and cool?

be yourself(: if that can't impress him then maybe he isn't the right guy

How do you impress a guy at school?

Talk to him and find out what interests him, then go out and find out more about his interests and make him feel you are also interested in his world.

Guy impress you?

If a guy impresses you go talk to him!! Geez! I'm a Freshman at a high school in Iowa and I know that!!! AND I'M SINGLE! BUT I have a crush on 16 Guys!!! And 6 of them are LIFEGUARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you impress a guy while camping?

sleep with him

What did girls wear when they go out?

They wear something that they feel comfortable in or something to impress a guy. They wear something that they feel comfortable in or something to impress a guy.

How impress a guy that dont now you igzist?


How should you dress to impress a guy you like?

Be yourself.